That Old Beat Up Home

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Living in an older home presents a lot of problems. One of the biggest problems is that the water filtration media has to be replaced. I can remember buying an old fixer upper home with intentions to fix it up into my dream home. The task was not an easy one, but for the price, I was sure willing to try it out.

The windows in the home were broken, and the roof was literally falling down into the house. The paint job on the inside and outside of the house was horrible, and the rooms in the home were beaten up pretty bad. You could tell that no one lived in the home for awhile, and that when it was occupied, small children lived there.

I could tell by the consistent crayon marks on different areas of the house. On top of that, the water lines and pipes needed serious work before anyone could actually live in this home again and be comfortable.

Girlfriend of The Year

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My boyfriend’s birthday was a week away, and I had no idea what to do for him. I had contemplated going out with friends at a local bar, or even just going to a nice dinner. All of that sounded bland to me and I wanted to do something different, and exciting for him. My boyfriend works a stressful job that requires log hours, I knew he was in need of some kind of get away. I kept thinking to myself I want to do something for him that he will appreciate and could benefit from. Then it hit me, a massage! What is better then a massage at the end of your work week? I started looking up different types of massages, and decided on a thai massage Liverpool. I choose that massage because of the technique used, and it was a great deal for a two hour full body massage.

On the day of my boyfriends birthday I presented him with his present, and the smile on his face was priceless!

Changing Careers

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The average person changes careers four to five times throughout the life. I am the exception to that rule. I have been in the same career for the past 25 years. I have been working as a secretary ever since I graduated from high school at 18. I never went to college, but I have been thinking about it.

I want to advance my career. I believe that the best way to do is to get a college degree. I want to get a degree in marketing with a minor in business. My dream is to work for a promotional staffing agency London. That is why I am contemplating going back to school.

There are a few things I have to put in place before going back to school. I need to save up money so that I can quit my job. I also need to make sure I have enough money to go back to school.

Oh, Go pound Sand!

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As a mother of a son who is a veteran of the Iraq war, when he arrived home, he came home with some interesting phrases. One of those phrases was, “Oh, go pound sand!” In response to something I said no doubt.

While, from the tone in his voice I could tell what he was really saying, I smarted back to him. Do you want me to ground silica or go out there and pound the river sand?

Naturally this reduced us both to tears from laughter to which my son replied, “Mom, I really wish you could have been around my Sargent, I would have really liked to see how many pushups you would have gotten for that one!”

So remember two things from this story:
1. Laughter can reduce tense moments
2. And my son’s Sargent had no humor apparently.

Famous Spokesperson Vs Unknown

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The other day, I was discussing the merits of a famous spokesperson over an unknown spokesperson. A few of my online marketing friends agree that famous people make the best brand ambassadors London for a new business. However, another marketing friends suggested that it depends on the product or service that is offered by the business. Well, I certainly agree that a famous spokesperson will drive up the interest in a company, but it has to be someone that people easily relate to on some level..

Famous Spokesperson Vs Unknown
Some might think that a famous spokesperson helps people to buy the brand with confidence. Still, the public has to actually believe that the spokesperson would buy the product. Therefore, there are some products that only require a reliable looking unknown to make a big splash in the consumer market. For example, a teen girl relates well to other teen girls or moms relate well to other moms.

Vegas Baby

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One of the great perks working at a large software marketing business is that every year we attend an enormous exhibition event in Vegas. Of course, it is very time consuming planning the entire event. Therefore, we always consult with a professional event planner with an exhibition staff London to handle all the minor details involved with a major exhibition. The professionals select the best venue for the exhibition. One that assures easy access to the event. The fact is that there are hundreds of great events occurring in Las Vegas, at the same time. However, the professionals make sure the event is planned perfectly.

Planning for the entire event is all about using the right marketing tools too. Of course, they incorporate all the methods that are traditional along with the new marketing tools which include social media and more creative ideas that seem to work perfectly.